How to Debug BizTalk custom Pipeline component,Simple way

When i did a Google of  “how to debug a custom pipeline” and i found following top 3 results


All the above link says common approach of using pipeline.exe or attaching BTSNTSCv.exe with visual studio.

I have found a better and simple way of debugging custom BizTalk Pipeline component in Visual Studio.

  • Insert System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break(); in the method where you want to break the debugger.
  • Build the solution in “Debug Mode”.
  • Copy the DLL of the component and paste it in %program files%Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006\Pipeline Components
  • Restart the BizTalk host
  • give the input to the receive location and it will launch the code in debug mode.

About Naushad Alam
I am a BizTalk developer/administrator/designer/architect with over 9 years of experience. Currently I am living in UK and working with one of the largest bank as a Senior BizTalk Consultant. I believe in sharing my experience with others and learn more while helping or solving others problem.

3 Responses to How to Debug BizTalk custom Pipeline component,Simple way

  1. roundel1900 says:

    I’m not following you if i have a receive location setup then the pipeline has to be deployed to my local Biztalk server correct?

  2. roundel1900 says:

    I think you need a few more details than those provided to get this working.

  3. Naushad Alam says:

    Hi, Thanks for leaving your comment.
    Yes, Make sure you remove the dll from GAC and put the custom pipeline component in c:\program files\ BizTalk\Pipelines folder and restart the BizTalk hosts

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