My First Article on Technet-BizTalk Server:Integration with MQ Series

I have published my first article on Microsoft Technet site today. In summary the article covers following points

  • What to use MQSC or MQSeries Adapter
  • List of common Hot fixes from Microsoft related with MQ Adapter
  • List of useful MSDN articles
  • List of useful discussions on msdn social forum
  • List of useful blog post by BizTalk community members

Please feel free to read and update the “BizTalk Server:Integration with MQ Series” wiki article.


About Naushad Alam
I am a BizTalk developer/administrator/designer/architect with over 9 years of experience. Currently I am living in UK and working with one of the largest bank as a Senior BizTalk Consultant. I believe in sharing my experience with others and learn more while helping or solving others problem.

One Response to My First Article on Technet-BizTalk Server:Integration with MQ Series

  1. T Abraham says:

    Hi Naushad, I tried to post this question in BizTalk
    Microsoft forum, but receiving ‘Unexpected Error’, so I thought to
    post it here, please share your thoughts when you get a chance. I
    am using BizTalk 2010 on Win Server 2008 R2. I have following
    question; From where I could download MQSeries Adapter? I tried to
    install BizTalk Adapter setup which came along with the complete
    installation folder (BizTalk Server\AdapterPack_x86). Initially I
    got an error saying that I need to install WCF LOB Adapter, I
    downloaded that and successfully installed AdapterPack. But I
    didn’t see MQSeries Adapter in Start-> All
    Programs->Microsoft BizTalk Adapter Pack. There are SAP,
    Oracle and SQL Adapters in this list. Also I searched for Host
    Integration Server 2010; but I failed to find that in Microsoft
    Download center. I may be missing something here, can you please
    share your thoughts? Thanks in advance! Note: I was able to install
    MQSAgent using additional software section in original setup of
    BizTalk 2010. Now I am seeing MQSAgent2 as a COM+

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