DebugView Not working on Windows 7 64 bit

Mostly I use DebugView while developing my BizTalk projects for quick trace and logging purpose. However recently I had a strange experience with DebugView.

I started my BizTalk application of one of our Windows 7 machine and DebugView was not showing any output while execution. I dig a lot ,however nothing was working for me and it was becoming very touch for me to follow the trace of the application.

Then after trying different settings on DebugView, it finally started to show the output. The settings which i changed on DebugView is:

  • Started running DebugView with administrator rights on machine
  • Enabled “Capture Global Win32” from the menu.

Please see this blog post, about how to use DebugView.

Thanks for reading!


About Naushad Alam
I am a BizTalk developer/administrator/designer/architect with over 9 years of experience. Currently I am living in UK and working with one of the largest bank as a Senior BizTalk Consultant. I believe in sharing my experience with others and learn more while helping or solving others problem.

One Response to DebugView Not working on Windows 7 64 bit

  1. Bhava says:

    I did have checked the “Capture Global Win32”, and ran with admin rights, and it is development build(not a deployment build), but still it is not capturing traces. any idea?

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