BizTalk 2013 Installation & Configuration Steps

Quick Steps

Software Required

Below are software required to build a stand alone BizTalk 2013 beta developer/runtime server machine

  1. SQL 2008 SP1-
  2. BizTalk 2013 Beta –
  3. VS 2012 Trial – Professional Edition –
  4. SQL 20082 R2 Trial –
  5. SQL 2008  R2 SP1 –
  6. Windows 2012 Trial –

    Installation Steps

Before installing BizTalk it is required to install following software’s on the machine

    • IIS
    • SQL Server 2008 R2
    • SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1
    • Visual Studio 2012 professional

    After downloading the software click  on the exe and provide a folder location to extract the installation files, Once the files are unzipped, go to the folder and run setup.exe and follow the steps/instructions on screen


Click Next

image Click Next


Click Next


Select the appropriate options and Click Next

image After Next


Once the installation finishes following should come


Launch the configuration of BizTalk

Configuration Steps

Select Custom Configuration. Provide SQL Server Instance name and Administrator Account details  and follow the steps

Setup SSO


Setup BizTalk Group


Setup BAM Runtime


Setup Business Rule Engine


Setup BAM Tools


Review Final Configurations and Press Next

imageThe configuration process will try to create the databases at this step and try to configure the BizTalk runtime and service accounts.


    There is lot more…

    BizTalk 2013 Beta- By Sarvana Kumar –

BizTalk 2013 Beta Help Page –


About Naushad Alam
I am a BizTalk developer/administrator/designer/architect with over 9 years of experience. Currently I am living in UK and working with one of the largest bank as a Senior BizTalk Consultant. I believe in sharing my experience with others and learn more while helping or solving others problem.

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