Experience Summary

I am working with BizTalk server since its 2002 version. I really find BizTalk as a very great product to work with. Apart of working i like to contribute to Microsoft Forums and blogs.

I like music/movies and reading ..


2 Responses to Profile

  1. Dev says:

    Hi Naushad, I am the LeanDotNet and posted a question regarding the batching and tried to help me with an answer. I updated the post and kind of all looks good to me.

    Here is the post

    I am still working on it. I just wanted to send you personal note just to say Hello. My linked in url is and would like to add to your network.

    We will talk as we along 🙂

    Thanks and Regards,

    Dev Movva

    313 598 1446

  2. Bharat says:

    Hi Naushad
    Many thanks for the contribution you have done to social forums.
    I have seen you have a in depth knowledge of designing biztalk servers.
    I am contacting you coz I am in need of suggestions from experts like you.
    Here is the problem that I have posted

    Many Thanks

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