Windows 8 Beta Download

Windows 8 Beta version for community preview is out,Great Job by Microsoft! It is really amazing, You can download the ISO from here

While downloading the iso , Feel free to watch & enjoy the awesome preview here

Also there is a complete technet page for Windows 8, here, with lots of other options for the product.

Dont forget to see the product details page here .

Go grab it and start playing , Its really awesome!!

Thanks for reading!


Uninstall XCode-Completely

Following command can be used to uninstall XCode (any version) from your MAC.

sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools –mode=all


Windows Live Writer for Windows Server 2003

I use Windows Server 2003 for my work and development purpose, When i tried to get Live Writer 2011, it says it doesn’t support this operating system. Officially I could not   find anything from Microsoft’s download page. I did Google and after couple of searches i managed to find a BUILD of Live writer for Windows Server 2003, and its working.

I was wondering why it is not on Microsoft Official download site.

In case you want then Please download it from following location,

Windows Live Writer for windows Server 2003



ISO Image from Folder In Mac

Launch Terminal

Go to the Folder where your “nputFolderName” is type following command

hdiutil makehybrid -o .iso

Where InputFolderName is the folder which you want to create as ISO Image on MAC. This will create a new ISO file of the folder.

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I won it. 🙂

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Google’s E Books Store

Google has launched Ebooks store for US,